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Intro, 2. RELigion. 3. Sho Me Sum Luv (Feat. Juz), 4. There On This Corner. 5. Path Of Reality (Feat. Delirious & Menacide), 6. Damn Settle Down. The broad academic purpose of the study of religion at Hope College is to a two-credit basic studies in Religion course (REL ) and one four-credit. REL Religious Studies Topics In The Humanities A study of the two main texts for Islamic belief and practice: Qur'an and the Hadith (the tradition. Feminisms and religions have a long though often troubled history of exploratory research statement (2 pages), essay on interpretive approach to. Religion has not only influenced sports and sports has influenced religion; in some cases; the two have merged: sports has become a religion. Through various. REL Christianity. Surveys Christian history from the second century to the present, exploring how past events have led to the development of. 2. Religion (REL). REL Wisdom of Israel. (3 Credits). This course is an examination of the wisdom literature of the Old. REL Exploring World Religions (3 Hours). This course is a comparative study of the world's major religious traditions. The basic beliefs of Hinduism. REL (c, FYS) God and Money. Non-Standard Rotation. Enrollment limit: Money is frequently assumed to be antithetical to religion even as the two are. REL Recommended as an entry course for religious studies minors. from the destruction of the Second Temple to the contemporary global scene.

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